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Space Project [with] experiences

Space Project [with] experiences
Island of Colares - Pará - Amazônia

1 - Presentation
Space [with] experience this is a proposal to develop activities and projects aimed at the community aimed at raising awareness and understanding of reality as a favorable field for artistic experimentation playful, passing sensitive levels of creation to the cognitive levels of learning, from the exchange of experiences in the arts and knowledge sections. We believe that through an effective approach within an interdisciplinary space, it is possible to develop practical artistic experimentation and environmental education, thus promoting the crossing of popular Afro-Amazonian and erudite, so raising the critical sense of the community involved to discuss and understand concepts universal.
The project's action strategy to approach directly and effectively with the community through projects aimed at public schools Colares through the School Headquarters bound the 11th of ERUs SEDUC.
One of the objectives of the project is to create a space dedicated to the development of activities aimed at professionals involved in technology, tourism and development of artistic practices.
Thus, we believe the area [with] experience will be stated in the community as a reference and an important instrument to support the development of artistic practices in the field of art, popular culture, radio free, crafts, customized fabrics, recycling, chess, artistic creation and digital inclusion, as well as access to knowledge for the preservation of the environment, encouraging and collaborating with the community in creating a greater sense of reality and human ecology.
We chose the bias of the arts, because it is an area of knowledge that covers all disciplines of formal education, being an infinite field for artistic experimentation.

2 - Summary

Direct intervention in the community through a proposed comprehensive art education through courses and workshops for the sustainable development of the locality, as well as ecological awareness in support of a healthy relationship with the environment, considering the specificities and social diversity, ethnic and cultural site.
Keywords: Sustainable Development, Autonomy, Environment, Regional Identity, Recycling, Art, Education, Permaculture, Digital Inclusion, Free Radio.

3 - General Objective:
Develop projects aimed at students from state schools in the city, so that the community can experience through play the materiality of art-making, thus building a reference space in the youth and adults by encouraging a think back to the subject's autonomy .

3.1 - Specific Objectives
To develop artistic practices in the community, valuing the reference of the Amazon and visual production of popular culture, aiming to offer artistic products for export
-Providing access to arts and crafts skills to enable the development of the region.
-Value and recognize regional identity as a form of resistance the artificiality of the consumer society
To promote cultural exchange through courses focusing on an integrated education to universal knowledge.
-Encourage the practice of shamanism informational booklets building practices alternative treatment of common diseases.
-Promoting research on folk medicine courses through cultivation of herbs and medicinal plants in the school environment
Promever-up with digital media, allowing the spread of local culture

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